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LOST - последняя серия 3 сезона!

LOST - последняя серия 3 сезона!

этот ролик был снят самой съемочной бригадой и, по некоторым данным, был показан на выставке CES в Лас-Вегасе.
Для тех, кто не разбирает слова, приведена транскрипция:

Sawyer: So Freckles, what's the first thing we're gonna do when we get off this rock?

Kate: Uh...easy! Vegas.

Sawyer: Vegas? Nice choice...Sin City! What's your poison? Gamblin'? Drinkin'?

Kate: Actually, I hear the CES is there in January.

Sawyer: The CES?

Kate: Consumer Electronics Show! looking forward to seeing how the HD DVD, Blu-ray rivalry turns out.

Sawyer: So when is it?

Kate: And the guys at CES...dead sexy.

Sawyer: Alright, I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that. Look, let's get down to business, huh? Here's a question: Now that we're leaving, you gotta choose once and for all. So who's it gonna be? Me or Jack?

Kate: (smiling) Sorry cowboy, I'm going for Jack!

Sawyer: Jack!? Why?!

Kate: (pausing) He's got a bigger boat.

Sawyer: (sighs angrily)

Kate: Look, there he is right now! (Points out to sea) Hey Jack!

[Sawyer turns and looks out to sea. We see a shot of Captain Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl coming towards land on his boat. The scene then changes to Ben and Sayid in the jungle. The Other is being tied to a tree by the Iraqi.]

Ben: You've just been saved by a lovable and wealthy pirate, is it really necessary to tie me up?

Sayid: I want to be sure you don't follow us. (standing up) And now, before I get on that ship, I want answers. (sits down) Since we've been here, we've experienced things beyond all rational explanation. Things which don't make any sense: polar bears, monsters, a French woman with an Eastern-European accent. What does it all mean? What is this island? Is there even an answer?

Ben: Yes, there is. One simple, unifying theory that will clear up all your questions. It's surprisingly simple, and, in its own way, beautiful. If you let me go, I'll share it with you.

Sayid: It's a deal.

Ben: Okay. The island is -

[Cut to static with a message about the static on it, followed by another one. This then flickers away back to Sayid.]

Sayid: Really? My money was on purgatory.

[Lost end title card shown.] laughing laughing laughing

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